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For over 30 years FNTC has been the market leader in designing flexible legal structures for the shared ownership industry. FNTC manages a global portfolio of more than £2.5bn of property assets. The company works with more than 300 resort developments, providing services to more than 650,000 consumers worldwide.

First National Trustee Company Limited

This wealth of experience in the international fractional market means FNTC can help you decide if it is right for you. From escrow, stakeholder and trustee services, to financial services and systems integration, FNTC can provide tailor-made solutions to help you deliver on your business objectives.

FNTC brings the following benefits to their clients:

  • Legal structures to enable dynamic and long term growth, supporting horizontal and vertical expansion.
  • Efficient operational and back-office services to simplify processes and reduce administration costs. This improves customer retention and service levels.
  • Increased profitability by reducing the cost of sales, minimising foreclosure expenses and improving cash flow.
  • Trustee services: developing an infrastructure that is legally and financially compliant to provide full protection for developers’ customers.
  • Financial services: providing a framework for consumer finance packages provided by developers and e-commerce platforms that help companies collect sales and maintenance fee revenue in all major currencies.
  • Systems integration and software services: providing IT interfaces that integrate with legacy systems, ensuring ease of use for consumers and resort personnel.

Contact us on +44 (0) 20 7397 5275 or email for Europe, or on +1 866 978 2571 or email for the Americas and Caribbean.

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