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Do you develop or sell property destined for the holiday home market?

If you develop or sell high quality real estate your property could become a desirable fractional development.

The fractional market is flourishing, and even in challenging economic times, fractionals are proving very attractive to consumers.

Moving into the fractional market could provide you with the opportunity you need to maximise your property’s potential.

What does it take to develop a fractional property?
Your property could be developed into a fractional if it:
  • Is in a desirable location, particularly one with year-round appeal.
  • Has good road and air links.
  • Has on site facilities for example a club house, a swimming pool, tennis courts, or sports facilities and 24 hour security.

To create a successful fractional development you must identify the best sales and marketing strategies, tailor the length of your fraction to meet market requirements and ensure that the legal structure you choose is fit for purpose and enhances consumer confidence.

This is where FNTC, the market leaders in designing flexible legal structures for the shared ownership industry, can help. FNTC has a wealth of experience in the international fractional market and can help you decide if fractionals are right for you.

Why's the time right for the fractional market? What's the next step?

There are many reasons. Extensive positive press coverage has created genuine interest for both developers and consumers alike. The public's desire to own a place in the sun hasn't diminished despite the economic downturn and fractional ownership provides an affordable alternative to owning a holiday home outright.

FNTC’s Fractional Property Developer offers the ideas and guidance to help you unlock the investment potential in your real estate.

An initial, no obligation chat with FNTC’s business development team will give you all the insight you need to explore the fractional market.

We don’t charge any consultancy or upfront fees prior to being formally appointed.

We can advise on the structuring of fractional real estate, yachts and jets. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7397 5275 for Europe, or on +1 866 978 2571 for the Americas and Caribbean.

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